Elro wants to play

Imagine never being able to walk again and having to deal with everyday life from the confinement of an electric wheelchair. For about 10.000 kids in The Netherlands this situation is very real. And for most of them it’s not a temporary reality. But most of all kids want to play and have fun, preferably in the company of their peers. Especially for kids in wheelchairs, playing with friends is not a given. It is very important for this vulnerable group of people that they learn to control their wheelchairs like it’s an extension of their body. Because to them, that’s exactly what it is. Many hours of training are required to properly control an electric wheelchair. And training is often done in a boring gym with primitive tools like markers and balloons. Very uninspiring. The first couple of times they may still be motivated, but after a while their progression comes to a standstill. It’s just no fun manoeuvring around the same unimaginative obstacles every week. In addition, therapists are struggling to give every child the attention it needs and deserves. Therefore, together with five partners, we brought to life the game-project ‘Elro wants to play’. We have a complete team of very enthusiastic people, we have the necessary network and all the necessary knowledge to develop this game and it bring to market. Our vision is that kids will be motivated to learn, if their training feels more like play.