This was oneseconds

This was oneseconds

From 2011 to 2023 oneseconds was a multidisciplinary collective of four creative minds. Thorsten Alofs, Bas van Eijk, Jochem Hees and Sebastian Kox. Our work moved inside the boundaries between performance, installation art and games. Most of our experiences highlight aspects of group behavior, systems or technology that inconspicuously influence our thoughts and actions. We liked our work to be accessible and entertaining for a broad audience, but embed a deeper layer of meaning for the spectator who is willing to see it.

Starting out as VJ’s at parties we were craving more than showing moving wallpaper. We made use of self programmed tools that enabled us to create unique content on the spot together with our audience. Watching people interact with each other and our tools inspired us to evolve our work into installations and performances, where the audience took an even more active role. Human behavior, and the ability to influence it is an inspiration for most of our work.

Our work was presented at various festivals like Oerol, Lowlands, STRP Biennial, Dutch Design Week, IDFA, IMPAKT, EMAF and the Venice Biennial.

The archive

  • VRlab
    Het VRLAB is an experiment waar we iedere dag een korte VR ervaring maken en presenteren,op basis van verhalen van … Read more
  • Fact & Fiction
    A game where the opinion of the majority is the truth.
  • The Oracle
    TEDx AmsterdamED. An engine that allows a live connection with four godly entities.
  • Sensory Gym
    Sensory gym on STRP biennial
  • Evil Weblords II
    Save the internet from its destruction.
  • Hiti
    A personal assistent that will take over your life
  • oneminute bodyscan
    An experience that begs the question how system analysing is influenced by human factors.
  • Het wisselkantoor
    All visitors of the Lowlands festival were divided by the colour of their wristband.
  • Twerkstallation
    The twerkstallation is an arcade game made combining found footage artwork, a custom developed twerkstaface™ and arcade guns. It’s available for parties and expositions. It has various tailor made and branding options for companies and events.
  • Het spookhuis
    An intelligent psychologic fear-experience which lingers long in your head
  • SocialHeaven
    The SocialHeaven connects, visualises and involves visitors of an event.
  • Avoid
    Avoid is an immersive full body game.
  • A different kind of facial
    Live datamoshing installation
  • Looptool
    The looptool has proven itself on many many many parties. It’s a great ice breaker.
  • Cats ass
    The cat’s ass is a reality altering looking well.

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