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  • VRlab


    Het VRLAB is an experiment waar we iedere dag een korte VR ervaring maken en presenteren,op basis van verhalen van het eiland verzameld door theatermakers en schrijvers van de Likeminds’ Factory. VRLAB op Oerol 2018 is mede mogelijk gemaakt door: Oerol, Likeminds’ Factory and VRBASE.

  • Fact & Fiction

    Fact & Fiction

    A game where the opinion of the majority is the truth.

  • The Oracle

    The Oracle

    TEDx AmsterdamED. An engine that allows a live connection with four godly entities.

  • Sensory Gym

    Sensory Gym

    Sensory gym on STRP biennial

  • Evil Weblords II

    Evil Weblords II

    Save the internet from its destruction.

  • Hiti


    A personal assistent that will take over your life

  • oneminute bodyscan

    oneminute bodyscan

    An experience that begs the question how system analysing is influenced by human factors.

  • Jochem Hees

    Jochem Hees

    Jochem Hees is an interaction designer from the Netherlands. Mostly educated in the commercial view on interaction design, his passion involves more experimental interaction. At the end of 2008 he graduated and started vj-ng in the collective called oneseconds. They specialize in the making of live visuals and the intuitive way of influencing them. The…

  • Bas van Eijk

    Bas van Eijk

    Communication nerd & interaction designer, modern art and design junk, chess master wannabe.

  • Het wisselkantoor

    Het wisselkantoor

    All visitors of the Lowlands festival were divided by the colour of their wristband.