Interactive experience: Ellis

You are 85 years-old, in need of assistance and can no longer live independently. But thanks to the newest technology, all your needs are met and you do into have to go into a care home. A fully automated future with low healthcare costs, thanks to smart digital systems in which everything is monitored, observed and registered. And you can earn points by showing your ‘best side’.

The interactive audio experience ELLIS transports you into a future world where care has to be earned. In the role of a SomeBuddy volunteer, you get to know Ellis, who is in the early stages of dementia, and who is still able to live independently thanks to smart digital devices at home. But can an automated system really provide suitable care? How essential is human contact for a good quality of life in our old age?

With the interactive ELLIS, VPRO Medialab, in collaboration with Daan Colijn and oneseconds, sketches a possible future in a smart home.ELLIS can be visited individually. There is place for just six people per hour.


ELLIS is a VPRO Medialab-production in colaboration with Daan Colijn and oneseconds.  

daan colijn
Concept, direction, script and production-design

rianne haak
Art direction

Sebastian Kox: Animation, design, code and technical producer
Bas van Eijk: Audio-design and code
Jade de Bie: Design and animation
Thorsten Alofs: Producer
Jasper Saman: Producer

Sam: Bente van den Brand
Alexander: Daan Colijn
Commercial-stem: Hymke de Vries
Kagome: Mitsuyo Okada

vpro medialab    
Annelies Termeer: Executive editor
Samantha Castano: Production
Anne-Linde Munsterman: Intern

Wouter Sessink

Special thanks to   
Brabant C
Gemeente Eindhoven – Smart Society
Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven