Installation 48

New technologies continuously changes the world around us. Media art helps us to understand how we can relate our-self to technology and its impact to our world. What is it like to live in a world where algorithms make decisions, and robots take over more and more tasks?

oneseconds and Medialab SETUP invite Utrecht based media artists to imagine and build new interactive installations that envision our new reality, within 48 days.

Edition 2018

Four teams from with artists from different backgrounds bundle their expertise to make a new work within 48 days. After the kick-off on the 29th of September the prototypes were presented at Bring Your Own Beamer in the Utrechts Nicolaïkerk . The final result was presented at the Culturele Zondag Utrecht Digitaal at the Domtower, Dom square and the Nijverheid (Werkspoorkwartier).


SWEATSHOP: Casper de Jong and Floortje Wijnands

Casper is interactive theatredesigner en Floortje is fashion designer. Combining their interest for automation and fashion resulted in the work ‘SWEATSHOP’. In this installation ten sewing-machines form a undestructable uninterrupted workforce driven to the maximum to reach their targets. With ‘SWEATSHOP’ Casper en Floortje research the boundary between human and robot.

SYNAPSISME: Crystal Maria de la Cruz and Stan Wannet

The work ‘SYNAPSISME’ is a half organic half mechanic creature that emerged from a shared fascination for complex biological structures and the question how artificial systems that we create relate to this.

Garanties uit het verleden: Marijke Hessels and Lieke van der Made

In the work ‘Garanties uit het verleden’ (Guarantees from the past) you take a peek in the world of surveillance and algorithms. Can we be an autonomous individual in a world where video surveillance is the new normal? Can we still be a bit divergent or different without any consequences?

spArc Hototo and Pelle Schilling

Hototo (Frederik-Jan de Jongh) creates audiovisual work where visuals and music form a symbiosis. Pelle builds installations with the light from welders, grinders, glowing metal and other physical effects from a workshop. SpArc is an audiovisual experience based on the light of welders, smoke machines and real-time data.

Edition 2017

The first edition we invited artists to create a new work withing a 48 hour hackaton. The installations were presented at Bring Your Own Beamer 2017.

Zand Erover
De Zandmannen (The Sandmen)
By screaming you’ll able to free yourself from any frustrations, forming patters in the sand.

Robotroaster, Roland Smeenk, Fako Berkers en Swen Mulderij

Robots are taking over our boring, dangerous and repetitive tasks. And now they are looking to take over our humor too. Roboroaster is an installation where cute little robots will mercilessly roast any human that dares to confront them.

Boom , Daan van West, Jochem Hees (Oneseconds), Vincent Vriens en Julian van Buul van Beeldjutters
Move in peace in a natural landscape. Slow down careful and you will automatically grow into the landscape. Root between the waving grass while cracking branches grow out of your arms. But do not lose the feeling with nature, because as soon as you move too fast the branches will break off again and the magic will be broken.

Voicefighter, Monobanda PLAY
A playful reinterpretation of those sky dancer puppets that get inflated by a ventilator. By screaming into microphones placed behind each puppet you inflate and move a puppet, resulting in a clumsy dance where they bump into each other. Use your voice to duck, rise and bump!