Sensory Gym

For the STRP biennial we developed the Sensory Gym. A concept where four groups of professionals and students led by artists Chloé Rutzerveld, Ricky van BroekhovenCarolien Teunisse and Polymorf made a workout for the senses. The area had the look and feel of a gym. And as a good gym befits we provided a fully automatic intake, an interactive experience  completely in style of oneseconds.


^ Entrance with registration and queue. Photo: © STRP

^ New members are required to fill in the registration card.

^ Start of the automatic intake assessment. Photo: © STRP

^ The Lickinator by Chloé Rutzerveld, photo: © STRP

^ Hybrid Heard by Ricky van Broekhoven, photo: © STRP

^ Stepping is believing by Carolien Teunisse, photo: © STRP

^ When a workout is finished you get an achievement reward.