Het Wisselkantoor

Without knowing it, all 55000 visitors of the Dutch Lowlands festival were part of our social experiment. We used their holy sacrament, a festival wristband, to divide them in two colour groups.

They were surrounded by an inconspicuous doctrine. A well prepared propaganda scheme through all available media suggests a constant measuring and surveillance of the behaviour per group. Rumours and stories are spread to ensure or unsettle the audience about their colour.

This is where the Wisselkantoor (exchange office) comes into play. The exchange office allows people to change the colour of their wristband, or at least so it seems. The visitors that opted for the colour change faced an Kafkaesque challenge where only the toughest would prevail. After a line that’s more extreme that Berlins Bergain, and a bureaucratic challenge harder than a immigration procedure they are ready to be processed on our conveyer belt. 3400 people took the ride. 0 changed colour.

Het Wisselkantoor was exclusively made for Lowlands 2014.

“This is the best thing I have experienced in 14 years of Lowlands”

“Het Wisselkantoor is a brillant addition to Lowlands 2014”

– Algemeen Dagblad